We specialize in custom software development with highly skilled IT and Business Consultants in Luxemburg and over 300 software developers in our development centers.

Why choose KUBSYS?

We are experienced

As you can see from our reference list, we have designed custom software for some of Europe's leading financial institutions, as well as companies in a range of other industries.

We offer top-quality

Our processes are geared to provide the highest quality custom software development and support services. In this highly competitive marketplace, only the quality providers survive. We have survived, and intend to continue surviving, thanks to our commitment to quality.

We are flexible

We insist on providing you only with the services you need for a particular project. This is important for one key reason: you only get what you need, and you only pay for what you get!

We are good value

Our unique set-up, with local IT and Business Consultants in Luxemburg backed up by software developers in our development centers, means we can provide an extremely cost-efficient package of services.

We are available

A key advantage of working with KUBSYS rather than one of our competitors who outsources to a country like India, for example, is that we are more available at a time that suits you. It's very difficult for customers to work with contacts in India, due to the time difference of 8 hours. The time difference between our development centers and Luxemburg is only 1 hour.

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